Disclaimer: The following is an excerpt from my personal blog but still outlines two 'Good People' heading a good cause. The interview format seen with Blake of Seed and Paul of Grow Calgary is a better representation of the format to expect of future features.

Adrian Martinus

A behind-the-scenes look at the two brothers converting broken skateboards into furniture and art.


Adrian Martinus is a woodworking company created by the Pool brothers Adrian and Martinus... get it? The brothers specialize in reclaimed wood that often comes in the form of broken skateboards. With my recent motivation to shoot interesting locals I was excited to have found another opportunity to shoot a duo doing rad things in the city.

Growing up I've always been interested in skateboard culture and after a night of exploring the deep depths of the internet I stumbled across a subculture of people that were creating beautiful woodwork out of broken skateboards - a winning combination to me. Luckily, one of the first companies I found happened to be Adrian Martinus and even more fortunately they were only a 15 minute drive from my place.


After a bit of back and forth, the brothers invited me to their workshop north of the city to photograph a bit of their process. Upon arriving I was shocked by the size of their shop, it was immediately clear that these guys weren't just two dudes tinkering with wood on their free time - these guys seriously mean business. The shop was strategically laid out full of machines that looked both intense and able to seriously injure me, the room was perfectly lit thanks to Martinus's background in film, and the place radiated productiveness. 


Only after being there a short time I would quickly discover the actual magnitude of the production they've got going. Every step of the company and actual woodworking is handled by the two of them which results in extremely long hours and a serious lack of days off. Luckily being brothers apparently helps this situation as they are able to work in a seemingly no b.s. environment. From what I can gather brothers can quickly sort out any differences in opinion and don't mind working side-by-side without speaking for hours.


One of the most interesting conversations was about their opinion on competition and the importance of staying innovative. Although they've got some clear go-to items it was awesome to hear about their plans and drive to constantly be creating new and unexpected products. Through conversation I realized that these guys aren't cool with being comfortable and stagnant, they're always trying to push their boundaries and skill level to maintain excitement about their own work.

It's always such a pleasure hanging out with people like Adrian and Martinus. It's so rewarding to spend time with motivated, forward thinking individuals that are so down-to-earth and simply passionate about what they do. I also showed up with a red plaid jacket and black toque - there's not a chance I won't get along with two other stereotypically Canadian, skateboard enthusiasts.

To check out their work and own some of their rad creations go to their site at: http://www.adrianmartinus.com

Or, for the social stuff their Instagram: