By supporting The Good Planet Project you will not only be helping the project come to life and fulfill its true potential, you will also be helping the actual 'Good People' featured. The project will be rooted in bringing attention to each person’s various cause(s), and will, more directly, be supporting them through the images I donate for their use.

Although this project is a pleasure to create, the ultimate goal is to support the causes and combat the issues affecting our planet today. By supporting this project, you are inadvertently supporting action through awareness of the people fighting the good fight.


By becoming a direct sponsor of the project you will have the opportunity for you or your brand/company to be officially recognized as a supporter. Although some of the benefits are obvious, we would be happy to discuss the partnership in detail through the contact link below.



Know someone that's dedicated a large portion of their lives to helping our planet? Let me know and I'll find and feature them!



Are you a graphic designer? Writer? Photographer? Illustrator? Super organized individual? As the project grows I hope to bring on other like minded individuals to join the team. Have a way you want to help? Let me know.


Spread the Word

The project's goal is to bring attention to the issue(s) or initiative(s) that is featured in each profile. By spreading the word of the project you are ultimately bringing people’s attention to the ’Good People’ causes. You are also providing a resource for viewers to help the individuals or, simply, to reduce their daily impact.

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