The Good Planet Project is focused on highlighting inspiring individuals and sparking dialogue on the practices and mindset changes that reduce our impact on the planet we share.


THE Mission

The project will travel from coast to coast across Canada to locate inspiring individuals who have decided to take action against the issues that affect the current state, and future, of our planet. Through highlighting and bringing attention to these individuals, the idea is to inspire and motivate our community to consider different approaches they can take towards ensuring the long, healthy life of the planet we share.

In addition, while travelling, we hope to create content that will inspire individuals to appreciate their natural surroundings and understand the importance of protecting it.

The goal of the Good Planet Project is to take an optimistic outlook and showcase real life examples of how small changes or mentality switches can make an impact.


The Good Planet Project’s first mission will be from St. John's, Newfoundland to the West Coast of Canada. Summer is only Three to four months in Canada, and we plan on covering as much ground as possible within that time.


The above will be used as more of a guideline and will develop and grow as we begin to locate the 'Good People' to feature. Part of the excitement will be allowing the project to decide the locations and route.

Side Missions

  • Photograph Canada’s landscapes to support the importance of conserving our country and planet’s beauty.
  • Explore and create a dialogue on green, sustainable living within the #vanlife culture.
  • Use the project’s leverage to promote and support the individuals and organizations that are making an effort to protect our planet.
  • Meet inspiring individuals doing good things within other causes outside of environmental issues.

  • Explore Canada as a possible surf destination.