The following is an outline of The Good Planet Project, and details on how your support will help the project and benefit your organization. The intention is that this will answer any questions you may have about the project and encourage your participation.

The plan, in short.

Support The Good

The project, although obviously a pleasure to create, is aimed at showcasing and bringing attention to the people, projects, and organizations that are making an effort to combat the effects of our population on our planet. By bringing attention to each effort, the hope is that viewers will either directly support each organization, or take inspiration to change their day-to-day lives in an effort to reduce their impact.

Supplying Photography

While building a portfolio of professional, commercial-grade photography for myself, I will also be supplying the images to each feature as a 'donation' to their efforts. It's no secret that quality marketing and imagery attracts viewers, and many of these organizations either can't afford professional photography or haven't considered it. Each feature could be seen as a win-win for this project and theirs.

For more details on the specifics of the project, and its mission and side-missions, please visit the about page here; for what to expect for content, feel free to browse the Good People page and Blog.

how your support helps the project


The project is big, therefore the budget is large-ish.

Although I like to think I'm similar to a well-travelled backpacker at finding cost-efficiencies, there are still the costs that are unavoidable like hiring support, gas, food, supplies, etc. With financial support, the project has the means to reach its full potential.

Public, Perceived Support

Recognizable names attached to a project makes new audiences go,"Oh, that must be legit".

When viewers see a project with a recognizable supporter they are more enticed to explore what the organization has seen in the project. Having your organization’s support will show viewers that the project is bigger than just a portrait project. Having your name helps mine.

The organizations I have reached out to have been carefully curated on the perceived notion that they are like-minded in environmental and ethical outlooks. You have a loyal brand following and these are the sort of audiences I expect will be interested in a project of this sort.

how your support helps you

You Support The Good

By attaching your name to the project, it shows that you support environmental action, the environmental 'underdogs'/activists’, and artists in general.

It shows that you are on the good side; that you acknowledge the environmental issues, and care about the repair and sustainability of our planet.


The more people that see your name, the more people that will remember your brand.

Through social media, website traffic, advertising, and word of mouth, it will be clear who has backed and supported the project. People are becoming more and more critical and conscious of the companies they support based on the their social standing on various issues; by attaching your name to an environmental/ethical project, like-minded consumers are more likely to be attracted to your business.

Professional, Commercial-Grade Photography

Having spent years working within advertising and commercial photography I have gained the abilities and confidence it takes produce high quality, commercial-grade photography. While supporting the project I will be happy to provide on-going photography for your company or brand.

*This is very open ended and I am happy to discuss how I can help you. If it's (organic) product plugs, advertising, logos, etc. I'm open to discussing the possibilities.

Where your support goes

The Project

Your financial support goes directly into the costs of producing the project. 

In short, it will cover the direct costs such as gas, food, and travel, as well as a dedicated online marketer, producer, and any potential guest submission production costs.

The 'Good People'

Ultimately the project's goal is to support the people that it profiles. By supporting the project, you're supporting all of the people and organizations featured. Throughout the project, I will be donating my photos to the good people causes, and doing my best to bring publicity to them and what they do.

Acknowledging current social media

Social Media Expectations

By acknowledging the importance of online-reach I have committed to hiring an online marketing specialist to grow the numbers in the most efficient, but organic way. I understand that social media and online marketing can be a full-time job, and by hiring a professional, I am able to focus on the quality of the content and supporting the important issues it explores.


This Is Just The Beginning

I believe in the importance of starting strong, and the best way to do this, in my opinion, is by starting with a manageable and simple approach. The project has been built with an open-ended concept in mind and is not created to look the same in the future. As the audience and support grows, so will the content. For example, each feature interview is recorded live and transcribed to text as that's currently mostly manageable. As support grows, the hope is that these interviews could potentially become well-shot and enticing short documentaries, with the interview audio playing throughout.

There are many worlds that this project could go into: print, video, podcasts, meet-ups, conventions, and clothing, to list a few.

A Collaborative Community

This project isn't about me. The root of the whole project is to help fight the issues affecting our planet. The bigger this project gets, the more impact its going to have. The genuine hope is that The Good Planet Project will become a community for other like-minded artists, writers, producers, researchers, or anyone with something to contribute to the effort.

If you have any further questions, concerns, or suggestions on how you think I can better the project, please don't hesitate to reach out. I hope that this project can become so much bigger than myself, and that the efforts created throughout can truly cause ripples within the environmental community.

Thanks for your time,

If you have any further questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact me. 

Phone: 403-919-3361

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